21 April 2015  Hijri Date: 02 رجب 1436
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April 21 2015
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 Fajr 03:31  05:00 
 Shuruq 05:56
 Dhuhr 01:07  01:30 
 Asr 05:02  06:00 
 Maghrib 08:25  
 Isha 10:33   10:33
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April 2015
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Friday Khutbah will start at 1:15 pm

 نرجوا العلم ان صلاة العشاء ستقام في وقت دخولها وليس في وقت الجماعة المعلن عنها

Please note that Isha prayer will be prayed at its start time and not at the later Jamaa time shown in the box adjacent

Latest News & Events
Purchase of Waqf* - Update 11/04/2015
MIC is pleased to announce the purchase of a block of flats at 304 Burton Road, Didsbury, as a Waqf for the Centre. Your help is needed to complete the purchase...
Online donation
Online donation through Charity Choice is now fully functional, please donate generously as your Centre needs your support..
دروس للشيخ المحدث الدكتور محمد سعيد البادنجكي الحلبي ـ رحمه الله
دروس قيمة للشيخ المحدث الدكتور محمد سعيد البادنجكي الحلبي ـ رحمه الله القاها في مسجد ابي حنيفة النعمان في مدينة حلب
حياة السعداء للشيخ محمد الطريفي
سلسلة محاضرات للشيخ محمد فؤاد الطريفي - سلسلة حياة السعداء يوم الأحد 12/04/2015 من بعد صلاة المغرب
The Hidden Debt to Islamic Civilisation
The Hidden Debt to Islamic Civilisation Volumes I & II in Kindle Edition are now available on Amazon.co.uk Kindle store.
Mosque Open Day
We invite people of all faiths and traditions to come along and visit our Mosque - Sunday 1st February 4-7pm. See leaflet...
The Purification of the Soul
6 Week course by Fadel Soliman (Director of Bridges Foundation). Starting Saturday 21st February 2015. For more information...
Introductory Tajweed Course (Males)
Course Summary - A 50 contact hours course suitable for those who are able to recite the Qur'an with a least some basic fluency and are new to Tajweed. It covers all the rules of Tajweed and applying the rules through recitation of the 30th part of the Qur’an.
Advanced Tajweed Course - Qira’ah and Hifz
Course Summary - This course is suitable for students who understand all the Tajweed rules and can practice and apply them. It will focus mainly on recitation and memorisation of the Qur’an from Surah al Baqarah.
To help us improve our performance and services we would ask you to kindly complete the survey on this link. This is anonymous and would not take more than a minute of your time.
Al -Manhal for Qura'n studies
Al Manhal School is pleased to announce that it is opened for courses inshaAllah, at The Manchester Islamic Centre,Didsbury Mosque.
Services of our Shari’a Department
New opening hours for the services of our Shari’a Department
Sunday event from 4pm to 6pm for non Muslim English speakers (only).
Manchester Islamic Centre, (MIC) Dawah department is pleased to announce resuming of the Sunday event.
Educational course for new Muslim brothers and sisters
We are pleased to announce our educational course for new muslim brothers and sisters.

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